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Fighter or Beat'm'Up games is the mainstream genre of games that are mostly 
accessible for blind gamers. Titles include Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul 
Calibur. I guess you already know about Brice Mellen from Lincoln, Nebraska, 
who beat Ed Boon (developer of Mortal Kombat) in a game of Mortal Kombat.

Other games that I know include Grand Theft Auto (including the first two!). 
These games are highly 'playable', meaning that it provides enough auditory 
cues to, let's say, walk around the street, hijack a car, drive around and 
make a mess - basically play *with* the game, but not play the game.

Other examples don't immediately spring to mind unfortunately...



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> Hi all, I'm an italian media student and I'm working on an essay about 
> games for visually impaired people. I would also talk about games 
> accessible by accident, for instance Soul Calibur 2 and other beatem' up, 
> that are accessible thanks to the fine audio design.
> Could you suggest me other games?
> Sorry for my poor English.
> Rosario
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