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slataper slataper at icgag.it
Wed Jun 28 10:04:28 EDT 2006

Hi Michelle,
I would be glad to work on your project! Actually my paper will be, or 
would be, a wide talk about videogames for visually impaired people. In 
my mind, it will be a first step to introduce the theme of game 
accessibility in Italy, now quite unknown. I don't know if my present 
work, translation and arrangement more than other, could be useful to 
yours, but I would be helpful in some way.


d. michelle hinn wrote:

> Hi Rosario,
> This is related to something that we'd talked about at GDC in March. 
> We'd talked about running a "positive campaign" to tell game 
> developers what they've done right with regard to accessibility even 
> if they don't realize it. So we want to start up a project where we'd 
> issue press releases and/or mentions on multiple websites to promote, 
> say, "super tetris kingdom mario revenge 3" for being a game that 
> works well with, say, switch controllers, which in turn makes them 
> accessible to gamers with certain types of disabilities that effect 
> their mobility.
> I'm sure that we would all be interested in what you find out so that 
> we could promote these games. Would you be interested in working with 
> us on this project beyond the paper that you are working on?
> Michelle
> Chairperson, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG
>> Thanks for reply.
>> Yes, I know about Brice Mellen, his story gave me the idea to 
>> investigate about accessibility by accident.
>> Perhaps, also the rhythm game Space Channel Five could be played by 
>> sound, with an help in menu navigation.
>> Rosario
>> AudioGames.net wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Fighter or Beat'm'Up games is the mainstream genre of games that are 
>>> mostly accessible for blind gamers. Titles include Tekken, Mortal 
>>> Kombat and Soul Calibur. I guess you already know about Brice Mellen 
>>> from Lincoln, Nebraska, who beat Ed Boon (developer of Mortal 
>>> Kombat) in a game of Mortal Kombat.
>>> Other games that I know include Grand Theft Auto (including the 
>>> first two!). These games are highly 'playable', meaning that it 
>>> provides enough auditory cues to, let's say, walk around the street, 
>>> hijack a car, drive around and make a mess - basically play *with* 
>>> the game, but not play the game.
>>> Other examples don't immediately spring to mind unfortunately...
>>> Richard
>>> http://www.game-accessibility.com
>>> http://www.audiogames.net
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>>>> Hi all, I'm an italian media student and I'm working on an essay 
>>>> about games for visually impaired people. I would also talk about 
>>>> games accessible by accident, for instance Soul Calibur 2 and other 
>>>> beatem' up, that are accessible thanks to the fine audio design.
>>>> Could you suggest me other games?
>>>> Sorry for my poor English.
>>>> Rosario
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