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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
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Hi Rosario,

This is related to something that we'd talked about at GDC in March. 
We'd talked about running a "positive campaign" to tell game 
developers what they've done right with regard to accessibility even 
if they don't realize it. So we want to start up a project where we'd 
issue press releases and/or mentions on multiple websites to promote, 
say, "super tetris kingdom mario revenge 3" for being a game that 
works well with, say, switch controllers, which in turn makes them 
accessible to gamers with certain types of disabilities that effect 
their mobility.

I'm sure that we would all be interested in what you find out so that 
we could promote these games. Would you be interested in working with 
us on this project beyond the paper that you are working on?

Chairperson, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

>Thanks for reply.
>Yes, I know about Brice Mellen, his story gave me the idea to 
>investigate about accessibility by accident.
>Perhaps, also the rhythm game Space Channel Five could be played by 
>sound, with an help in menu navigation.
>AudioGames.net wrote:
>>Fighter or Beat'm'Up games is the mainstream genre of games that 
>>are mostly accessible for blind gamers. Titles include Tekken, 
>>Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. I guess you already know about 
>>Brice Mellen from Lincoln, Nebraska, who beat Ed Boon (developer of 
>>Mortal Kombat) in a game of Mortal Kombat.
>>Other games that I know include Grand Theft Auto (including the 
>>first two!). These games are highly 'playable', meaning that it 
>>provides enough auditory cues to, let's say, walk around the 
>>street, hijack a car, drive around and make a mess - basically play 
>>*with* the game, but not play the game.
>>Other examples don't immediately spring to mind unfortunately...
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>>>Hi all, I'm an italian media student and I'm working on an essay 
>>>about games for visually impaired people. I would also talk about 
>>>games accessible by accident, for instance Soul Calibur 2 and 
>>>other beatem' up, that are accessible thanks to the fine audio 
>>>Could you suggest me other games?
>>>Sorry for my poor English.
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