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Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Fri Jun 30 05:48:55 EDT 2006

Made a small blog entry to Philip Worthington's work, with some text cribbed 
from the BBC. Interesting that he worked with Sony advising on the future of 
the Eye Toy: http://www.cybersonica.org/artists/full.php?id=132

I've always thought these systems have accessibility potential for gamers 
struggling with standard controllers.


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Reminds me of several projects... maybe you know "Shadow Monsters" by Philip 
Worthington (UK), an installation in which users can create shadow figures 
with their hands and a computer modifies the shadow with extra shadow and 
sound so the simple shadow shapes turn into monster shapes?

See: http://www.worthersoriginal.com/ and look for Work/Shadow Monsters




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