[games_access] meeting friday

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Mar 1 14:49:00 EST 2006

Hi all,

Missed you guys today -- I know MSN was acting funky for me so maybe 
that was the case for everyone?

Anyway, the next meeting is this Friday, March 3 at the usual time. 
Continue to work on your outlines and presentations. Tom -- I WILL 
get that legal info to you -- it's been a migraine heavy week for me 
(could it have to do with grading over 100 midterms? hmm...). In the 
meantime I'd suggest checking out some stuff on US law 508, which 
will at least talk about why games for training and education will 
need to be accessible. But more later!!

GDC is just around the corner! Everything is set, except for tech 
stuff -- so please let me know if you'll need any additional 
equipment for your presentations ASAP! And, if you got an email from 
CMP asking about our handouts, please ignore. There was a 
miscommunication there but it's all settled now -- they know that we 
are heavy on the hand's on stuff and will be pressing our own CD and 
they are totally cool with that.

Ok -- more later. Time to give make up exams to some of my students...oy!

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