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Lynn Marentette lynnvm at alltel.net
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Hi- I just wanted everyone to know that I hope you all have great time at
the conference.


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   1. Re: final t-shirt design? (d. michelle hinn)


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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 07:31:23 -0600
From: "d. michelle hinn" <hinn at uiuc.edu>
Subject: Re: [games_access] final t-shirt design?
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Hi Tim -- Can you email me the modified version in either JPG or PSD 
format (if under 10 MB) -- anything more than that in size than send 
me a JPG. Also, if it is 10 MB...please send it to me at 
vrgrrl at gmail.com or this email account might implode. :)


>thanks Tim
>the SVG file works fine, I downloaded Inkscape for Windows to open it
>IGDA Games Accessibility SIG Mailing List 
><<mailto:games_access at igda.org>games_access at igda.org> on den 4 mars 
>2006 at 14:51 +0100 wrote:
>>  what was the final t-shirt design?
>>  could someone please send it to me, I'd like to use the same design on
>>  CD label
>I *think* Michelle's final vote was for one of the "Lady
>Justice" designs I put together.  I slightly modified the
>original to which she gave the thumbs-up to include a sword
>on her lap and actual feet (for some reason, I missed them
>in the original).
>You can find the original at
>and the modified version at
>I happen to prefer the modified version, but you might want
>to get the word from Michelle herself before going ahead :)
>If you want the original sources in SVG format (which you
>might need for printing CD labels or the like), you can just
>swap those ".pdf" extensions for ".svg" in the URLs.  I used
>InkScape on Linux to do them, but they should come out fine
>in other programs that understand SVG.  Push come to shove,
>I can pull them up for you and export them at BMP/TIFF/GIF
>files at your favorite resolution.
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