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Sat Mar 11 17:23:34 EST 2006

That's a great question. I'll ask the cmp/gdc folks about security 
for laptops. maureen and kasey, my students, will be monitoring the 
arcade so that will give us some extra security but it would be good 
to know if there's some kind of lock down system to make sure stuff 
doesn't "walk"


>I'll bring my laptop although I was thinking to run Terraformers on 
>it. It is 1.4 GHz with ATI Mobile Radeon graphics and 768 MB RAM. 
>I'll clean up the disk before I leave so there should be at least 10 
>GB free space...
>But of course, in case of emergency we can share my laptop and have 
>simple icons on the desktop to start each game
>The only issue with this is security - does CMP provide some 
>insurance and/or wires or such to secure stuff? I can bring my own 
>wire if there is something to attach it to
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>For those of you participating in the Monday Tutorial, how many of
>you will be bringing laptops that, ideally, could be used to show
>games on during the accessibility arcade? I have the CMP staff
>helping out with getting us some monitors for the console games. But
>I was wondering if, say, Reid was bringing a laptop that could run
>Doom3[cc] on it and if someone else was bringing a laptop that could
>run strange attractors on it.
>Let me know as soon as possible because I will need to know how much
>I will beg, borrow, and steal stuff.
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