[games_access] GDC: Laptop needed for Physical Disabilities presentation

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Mar 12 01:36:58 EST 2006

well, for sure we have the video projector, as the gdc people provide 
that. i'm not sure if my pc laptop will be out of the repair shop 
before i leave for san jose.

in the meantime, can anyone else confirm that they can lend their 
laptop and that it has powerpoint, word, window picture viewer and 
can run both access invaders, ua-chess, and strange attractors for 
eric's and giannis' presentations in case mine is not out of the 
shop? i'll have a mac laptop with me but the pc laptop is still up in 
the air.


>Hi all,
>For the physical disabilities presentation at the GDC (Monday the 
>20th March 2006 4:15-5:00 pm), Eric Walker of Ominous Development 
>and Giannis Georgalis of ICS Forth will be presenting.
>They will need a lap-top and hopefully access to a video projector 
>for the presentations. Giannis will likely need Powerpoint, and the 
>ability to demonstrate Access Invaders and UA-Chess 
>(http://www.ics.forth.gr/hci/ua-games/access-invaders/). Eric will 
>need Word, Windows Picture Viewer and Strange Attractors installed 
>They are both getting to San Jose on the Sunday before and intend to 
>make it to the Fairmont meeting that day. Any volunteers to help 
>them get their hardware sorted out ready for the day, would be 
>greatly appreciated.
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