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  awesome!!!! now i just need to laminate those top ten list thingees and not forget to bring them along with all the sig business cards for everyone to hand out! oh, and my presentation and the accessibility arcade stuff...just that stuff. :)

  as for customs, make sure you type "illegal dvd copy of every new movie out this month" on the labels. should be smooth sailing. then you can call tom to see if he'll represent you in your trial.

  uh, no. forget that. don't do that. bad idea. we don't want the tutorial to start late while we're trying to sneak you into the country. ;)

  yes, i've had very little sleep...


    Hi all,

    I and a colleague have downloaded all the uploads and compiled a CD where I hope I got everything right - I had set some user restrictions on the FTP so there were a few versions of files etc that needed to be deleted etc, including the Space Invaders for Blind which we couldn't include for license reasons. We have burned 100 CD:s with this compilation and it is a lot of nice examples, haven't had time to try them all though.

    Now we just need to print labels and not forget to put them into the hand luggage, and hope that customs are not too suspicious about what software we bring with us on 100 CDs :)

    Great job all uploaders, and thanks. This will be really nice to hand out!


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