[games_access] Any one have one of these to bring to GDC???

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 17 18:36:21 EST 2006

Hey Everyone,

I'd ordered a PS2 to Xbox controller adaptor but it didn't 
arrive in time for GDC (sigh...). Anyone have one of these 
(Search for Magic Box if you don't see the product):


If so, can you bring it? And tell me if you can because I 
need to know whether or not I'm hauling this xbox tomorrow 
on the plane with me! :)


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>Subject: [games_access] Shenmue Darts mini-game - one 
button game play  
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>That would be very nice, but do you have a switch 
interface? I didn't send 
>one, as the adapted X-Arcade controller I used to make is 
really heavy, and 
>my other is still a prototype that looks like it came from 
>If not, Shenmue II's mini game of darts would still 
demonstrate one button 
>game play (it's not a true one switch / one button game, as 
you need to 
>press a second button to restart the game - but it's still 
highly accessible 
>with the right controller). If you can, the more the 
merrier. It went down 
>well at the accessible gaming stall OneSwitch ran. You can 
see a picture of 
>Chris Myers playing it here with a small head switch: 
>http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/ARTICLES/2005cgeUK.htm - via 
an adapted Namco 
>Arcade Stick and Playstation to Dreamcast adapter.
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>shall i bring my xbox and shenmue 2 and show the darts game
>with a switch controller for the accessibility arcade? yeah,
>it's a hefty sucker but mo, kasey and i can handle the
>load. :)
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