[games_access] GDC Meet Up Plan

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Mar 18 02:21:15 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

Here's the plan for Sunday:

Meet up in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel at 6pm and those who are 
there then we'll go grab some dinner or coffee and talk strategy for 
the tutorial. At 8pm, we'll meet back up again in the Fairmont Lobby 
and hopefully we'll be able to use a room at the hotel to plan out 
the "demos" that we're doing in the second half hour (you know, where 
we blindfold someone, etc) and then test out the games for the 
accessibility arcade. If you cannot find us at either time, call me 
on my cell (email me at hinn at uiuc.edu if you need it) and also check 
at the front desk of the lobby -- we'll leave a message for people as 
to where we'll be.

If you are around Sunday, please note that you can register and pick 
up your badges, etc at the convention center between 3 and 7pm. This 
will save you some time Monday. Remember -- go to the speaker's check 
in area -- NOT the regular folks check in area!

For Monday:

We won't be able to get into the convention center until 8am Monday 
so let's all plan on some bright and early goodness that day! :) Try 
to be at the convention center room (no, I don't know what it is yet) 
as close to 8am as possible because I'm sure we'll want to do a walk 
through of the room and set up the accessibility arcade stuff, make 
sure we have the right number of mics, etc.

After the tutorial on Monday:

I'd like to invite everyone to join in for dinner with Robert Florio 
at his hotel (Wyndham Hotel - 1350 North First St). I'd say lets try 
to meet up with him in the lobby of his hotel at around 7:30pm and 
we'll either go with a restaurant at the hotel or venture out a bit 
and find something we like better. Due to transportation concerns, 
it's easier if we meet Robert at his hotel for the dinner. BTW, I'm 
not paying for the dinner. Bring your own money cause I don't have 
any! :D

Then after dinner I say let's take the part onward and have some 
drinks at a bar of our choice. Feel free to invite other colleagues 
for this -- I have about 6 old friends of mine coming to the 
conference (and who are giving a tutorial the same day we are!!!!!) 
and they've suggested an improptu, informal "reception" for all us 
early birds to the conference!

What Michelle Looks Like:

Well, here's some weird pix of me online: https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/hinn/www/

Basically look for a very pale woman with BRIGHT (like comic 
book/videogame bright) red hair who will probably be laughing loudly 
at something or another. I like to think I'd make a great videogame 
character. :D

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