[games_access] PC Gamer Article

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Thu Mar 30 10:11:14 EST 2006

> I can -- I just picked up a copy. Anyone else want a
> copy? I'll post it on a temp site for people to download
> and then remove before they arrest me...

I'd enjoy reading it too.  I put a bug in the ears of some
former co-workers who subscribe to several gaming magazines,
but this wasn't one of them.  There are too many gaming
magazines...PC Gamer, Gaming Weekly, Extreme Gamer, Maximum
PC, ...I'm just making up names at this point, but take
"Game" or "Gamer" and mix it with your choice of words like
"Maximum", "Extreme", "PC", "XBOX", "Playstation", "Top" and
"Magazine", and it seems like just about every permutation
comes up with an actual magazine out there.  Sigh. :)

I suppose as long as access to your posting is restricted to 
the list, it would pretty much be like handing a copy around 
the office.  Only catch is that the SIG-Access "office" 
seems to span multiple countries and at least two continents. :)


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