[games_access] Congrats, Michelle!

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Fri Mar 31 07:50:45 EST 2006

For those that just skim the IGDA newsletter, or happened to
miss it otherwise:

   2: IGDA MVP Volunteer Awards
   So much of the IGDA's success and progress is due to the
   support and involvement of countless volunteers from the
   community. Each year, the IGDA hosts a "VIP Luncheon" at
   GDC as a small gesture of thanks. Each year, the Most
   Valuable Player (MVP) Awards are presented as a means to
   call out the extraordinary contributions of three
   volunteers. This year's recipients are:

   - Jim Charne: Author of "Famous Last Words" column for
     nearly 5 years, Contract Walk-Through project lead

   - Michelle Hinn: Game Accessibility SIG founder and

   - Brian Robbins: heavy involvement with various chapters,
     Online Games and Casual Games SIG leadership

   Jump online for more details:


That second person sounds a tad familiar.  Congrats,
Michelle!  The thing that made me laugh is that, at that
link, they acclaim the SIG-Access folks as "one of the
IGDA's most active SIGs".  And Michelle keeps pushing for
more participation.  I feel bad for the other SIGs :)


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