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this is great! richard, sander and i talked to the mobygames.com 
people about adding in accessibility reviews to their site and they 
seemed very enthusiastic about doing that (and this would be HUGE if 
we got them to add this to their game reviews!). it'd be great if we 
could all come up with something that we could all draw from (ie, 
instead of 13 different databases, one database that we can all pull 
from). mobygames draws from other servers, for example -- it's more 
of a portal (i think). i'm emailing them to find out more.

>Really looking forward to seeing this develop, David. Perhaps we can 
>tie something in together regarding awards and an eventual marking 
>system in the near-ish future?
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>>Keep an eye out for the GameOn! web site to become public soon. 
>>The whole idea of the project is to provide a site where gamers can 
>>share accessibility information about games.  The project recently 
>>won the e-well being award in the UK
>>Sorry about the URL!
>>At 10:04 30/03/06, you wrote:
>>>If a game is rewarded at a certain place on the net, eventually I 
>>>can imagine that game developers do care....
>>>Let's have a place where gamers themselves can submit "good 
>>>cases". I'm willing to program a form or anything (I have to 
>>>reprogram some php-things on the AudioGames server anyway).
>>>submit a good game accessibility feature case
>>>name of game:
>>>description of feature:
>>>(why is it useful?)
>>>Or something like this.
>>>Then we put it on a/the site(s). And we can show them to the rest 
>>>of the world. And the rest of the world will become very 
>>>The Sondor
>>>P.S. Michelle, you ARE my photo sister! So many photos with the 
>>>same point of view of same subjects. If you look through the 
>>>optical finder of your cam, are you a left-eye or a right-eye?
>>>AudioGames.net schreef:
>>>>Great! I have already started a "" Top 10 list of accessible 
>>>>things that games do right" ... maybe we should sync them... ?
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>>>>>Yes, I second that! The whole week was great and soon I'll 
>>>>>unveil "Mission Positive Campaign: Press Releases Galore" (once 
>>>>>I have IGDA's permission to do those...) that I went on and on 
>>>>>about last week! Ok, basically the idea is that we will send 
>>>>>press releases stating the things that games do "right" with 
>>>>>regard to accessibility in the hopes that they will want to 
>>>>>learn more. :) It beats "Mission Negative Campaign: Lawsuits 
>>>>>Kevin and I are definitely willing US university funding people 
>>>>>so if you need University support for a NSF grant or something 
>>>>>like that, we can lend a hand!
>>>>>Great day one write up. Now that I have the sig blog password 
>>>>>again, I'll link to it and be adding more news items each week. 
>>>>>>Hey everyone,
>>>>>>I have begun posting daily reports of my time at GDC '06. I have day 1
>>>>>>posted with the other days to follow:
>>>>>>Day 1:
>>>>>>Before I forget, I want to thank everyone for your awesome support in
>>>>>>the past year, this past week at GDC and you're all an inspiration to
>>>>>>me to keep working hard on developing closed captioning for games.
>>>>>>After the tutorial session on Monday I was so motivated and
>>>>>>enthusiastic for the future. I wanted to do whatever I could. I've
>>>>>>always had side projects I wanted to do that got in the way of closed
>>>>>>captioning in games but I've decided to put those on hold. I want to
>>>>>>revamp my gamescc.rbkdesign.com website, make it more professional.
>>>>>>Start writing a weekly column where I critique the quality of closed
>>>>>>captioning in games and make detailed recommendations for how it can
>>>>>>be included if not already. I'll be pursuing alternate funding options
>>>>>>and grants to help develop the CC software for developers to use.
>>>>>>I have a lot planned and I wanted to be sure I thanked everyone for
>>>>>>helping me and Games[CC] to get to where we are today.
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