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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Fri Mar 31 16:44:13 EST 2006

Michelle one of the Expo days I went to one of the PlayStation 3 booths for a dragon game and they recommend that I go to the PlayStation 3 booth to tell them so they could regulate the requirements for accessibility on all games that are created.  I think that's how they e-mailed you hopefully they were going to e-mail me I gave them my card and they said they would but I also gave them the top 10 list.  Just to let you know maybe others went to them also but I really made a strong impression so hopefully they will apply all of these features on their next PlayStation 3 Consul games as required features that have to be implemented which would be so cool.  We really should push for that it would be the easiest and fastest way to make all games much more accessible and we should put together a list before the PS three comes out so the games have a required standard.

It was a pleasure meeting everyone I have been so busy and a friend of mine just passed away the other day so I'm getting ready for classes starting on Monday and everything so busy I don't have time team LU all but slowly I will do this and this is great news on our form's PS three definitely needs to make all their games have a standard of creation.  I look forward to talking with David Perry and his development team from shiny entertainment hopefully I can do something with them as well but I'll let you all know.

I am completing my fund raiser of the soccer player portrait giving the original which was selected as a winner of the raffle and she the winner donated it to the Baltimore sports Museum.  There should be a reception for that tonight the last game of the year and signing reproductions onstage which is really cool.  I will add this footage to my documentary.  Talk to you all soon.



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