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Hi Reid,

Thanks, did not yet know this one. Our foundation is involved in some as 
well (although only web accessibility). The TiM-project was also an IST 
project. None that cover Game Accessibility though...

Richard (glad our project on physical controllers for audio games is already 
well underway ;)

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"The IST program-funded Multimodal Collaboration Environment for
Inclusion of Visually Impaired Children (MICOLE), a European project
aimed at developing game interfaces that support collaboration, data
exploration, communication and creativity of visually impaired and
sighted children, has been announced. The project team is working to
implement a number of different interfaces to aid disabled children,
ranging from a type of Simon memory game to a clone of Pong, according
to a Medical News Today report."

source: http://micole.cs.uta.fi:8080/Plone/

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