[games_access] interesting project

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Thu May 4 19:18:26 EDT 2006


The project team is working to implement a number of different interfaces to 
aid disabled children, ranging from a type of Simon memory game to a clone 
of Pong, according
to a Medical News Today report."
*quote end*

Reading this kind of stuff really makes me sad :(

Some academics get 1.000.000 euro's in funding to make controllers for games 
that fit the scope "From A Simon Memory Game To A Clone of Pong"... there 
are already about 50 Memory Games and Pong-clones out there for the blind! 
And what makes me even more sad is that, when looking at the participants, 
there's no representation from the game industry whatsoever. And it's 
basically the same academics that were involved in other Europian 
'accessible game' projects...
Oh well, rant rant :)

I know that this project is not about making games for the blind, but rather 
on making multi-/cross-modal interfaces/controllers that helps replace 
vision. I would really love to see this project tackle some new frontiers: a 
universal audio game controller or something that makes ALL VIDEO GAMES 
accessible (no - not the SeeingWithSound-classes but something that really 
works)... small steps, yeah....


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