[games_access] GDC scholars game. Thank you Richard

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Thu May 4 19:50:00 EDT 2006

Richard thanks for writing back about my teams goals for game accessibility
for our GDC game.  I will definitely suggest to the whole team to start
getting familiar with games with game accessibility specifically created for


Thank you for the offer for the Journal.  I think I might take that up with
you to log in every so often to discuss some of the challenges we have all
the way.  How can I do that let me know because that would be something


I just added started with my class designing an interface for accessing a
special power with one button clicking and sounds to let the player now and
remember which button activated which superpower and the name of it will
appear on the screen and also spoken with its power level so a visually
impaired gamer can always know it's level ready to be activated.  Thanks for
the reminder about the beeps I almost fell into that it should actually be a
special sound not only the name of it, the superpower, "heal" but also a
cool sound.


Great work on your web site as well I just added a new section on my web
site also.  Check it out if you can.  I'm starting to understand more about
gamers with cognitive impairments.  I really enjoyed the new game came out
for Nintendo DS on your web site image doing adding and subtracting and so


PS.  How can I reply to the gamers digest we get sent to us and keep the
title and what someone said underneath without clicking at the very top link
of the e-mail?


Robert Florio



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