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Sorry for my late reply:

Thank you for the offer for the Journal.  I think I might take that up with you to log in every so often to discuss some of the challenges we have all the way.  How can I do that let me know because that would be something good?
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There are two options: 

1) use a special thread in the forum (either the forum moderated by you or we can make a New forum under "Specific game applications" - although that's not the best place in my opinion)


2) Give your project a spot in the Project Gallery http://www.accessibility.nl/games/index.php?pagefile=project_gallery and give you FTP access to a specific folder where this project is in. The content-pages are all HTML pages which are placed in th stylesheet using PhP. So you could update an HTML page and upload it to the server (or I could do that for you as well).

 How can I reply to the gamers digest we get sent to us and keep the title and what someone said underneath without clicking at the very top link of the e-mail?
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I receive seperate emails so no digest. Maybe Michelle can answer this one... ? Or someone who also receives the digested version ;?



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