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Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
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Re. Universally Accessible game project:

I like the fact that you are always aiming high, Robert. Bear in mind 
non-English speaking people, and gamers for which the likes of Penalty! 
) are about the limit.

Getting the interface right will be quite a challenge. I agree with Richard 
too that getting documentation out there on *Game Accessibility Design 
Issues* would be so helpful. I wish there was more out there now for the 
programmers due to start the new Retro Remakes competition 
(www.retroremakes.com ) on the 1st of June.

If the game is to be playable with a single button, I'd recommend following 
this basic standard:, which should ensure compatibility with virtually all 
switch interfaces:

For PC and Macintosh computers, The SPACE BAR and LEFT MOUSE button should 
both function as the default player one control. The default PLAYER TWO 
control should be operated via The RETURN key and RIGHT MOUSE button. The 
ESCAPE key should function as a way to QUIT.  Again, allow users to 
user-define their controls if they wish to break from this standard. All 
this should ensure compatibility with vast majority of switch interfaces.

For Head Tracker users the ability to use a mouse alone with 'Dwell 
Clicking' (hover about to make a selection) would be great to investigate 

Good luck!


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Hello everyone I've been extremely busy with school, trying to start new 
therapy, and trying to get a video game started for completion for the next 
GDC 2007.  A few scholars from this year including myself are working on a 
game and we are going to try to make it universally accessible.  If anyone 
would like to contribute to it perhaps team up with myself to be a backup in 
consolidating information to get it accessible or maybe can help with 
programming I'm sure you are welcome to the team.  This is an invitation 
hopefully it works.  Anyway is I haven't caught out with a lot of you think 
I so much for your progress in game accessibility.

I plan on working on research possibly and creating a top 10 list for gamers 
with physical disabilities at www.game-accessibility.com as moderator of the 
gamers with physical disabilities section.  Thank you Richard and Sanders 
for that opportunity setting me up with that.

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