[games_access] Game Accessibility for Learning Disabled Gamers

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Fri May 5 18:25:54 EDT 2006

Hi Michelle and List,

Yes, this is a point I've been anticipating myself this past week. 
"Officially" (how've I understood it) dyslexia is, like dyspraxia and 
dyscalculia and the other ones I mentioned, part of the scope of learning 
disabilities. Someone who has Down syndrom has a genetic deficiency which 
results in these kinds of learning disabilities. So Down syndrom in itsself 
is not a learning disability, it's a condition - but one which is 
responsible for one or more learning disabilities. But yeah, I agree things 
are getting fuzzy here....

> i'm not an expert on this area but i've noted in the past that some people 
> differentiate learning vs cognitive disabilities whereas others consider 
> them to be under the same heading. but i think it's important for us to 
> note the range when we talk about this issue.
*quote end*

I agree competely. But what do you suggest? I am not an expert either in 
this field... my writings are mostly influenced/based on research/writings 
by Paul Blenkhorn and his vision on learning disabilities (or Specific 
Learning Disabilities = SpLD's).

> i am, however, an expert in dyslexia by reason of having it myself. but i 
> never needed any sort of accommodations and it was diagnosed late (when i 
> was about 22) and i love to read -- go figure! some would definitely 
> consider me learning disabled because of this but it does not have an 
> effect on my IQ. it's more, in my mind, a learning "challenge" that i have 
> pushed through. but i don't consider myself as a gamer needing particular 
> accessibility features in games but in most US school systems i would be 
> labeled "learning disabled."
> i guess my whole rambling point of this is that we should make sure we 
> clearly define what we are referring to with this particular list to avoid 
> confusion. so when we say easier settings and goals, we should, perhaps, 
> say what types of learning disabilities that this is most likely to help. 
> i'm not speaking for all people with dyslexia BUT easier settings and 
> goals would put me to sleep...but at the same time I recognize that there 
> is a need for this for the profoundly learning disabled.
*quote end*

Again, I agree. As I found, learning disabilities are hard to formulate, as 
well as to diagnose with patients (so double trouble). One thing that I find 
is important, is *to be thorough*. I don't like it when people define 
learning disabilities as being just 'dyslexia' or 'adhd' ... because that's 
simply not true. With my story (which is still under construction so please 
correct me where I'm wrong and make suggestions where you think it could be 
better!) I just wanted to get a clearER overview of the scope of learning 
That's one thing still a bit disconnected to specific problems with computer 
games or game accessibility solutions. First define the difficulties, in 
order to define to problems, in order to define the solutions.

sort of...

> anyway....sorry for the early morning babble! :)
*quote end*

no worries - love your morning babble ;)



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