[games_access] ANOTHER game accessibility competition!

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
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hey robert -- got both your emails. yep, you just reply to an email 
from the list to send an email to it. more on the contest in a bit -- 
i'm about to head out to run a few errands.

>Michelle I hope this e-mail gets to you I'm not sure how to enter 
>into the accessibility access digest now.  I just propose to my 
>friends from GDC's colors to work on a game for this upcoming 
>September deadline it would be great if we want put us on the right 
>step for us or me starting a company toward game accessibility.  I 
>just want to get started making games more steps of success I think 
>a better chance for support and the contest site says they help 
>promote toward funding toward your project in the future.  Is there 
>another competition and if so or regardless is our accessibility 
>group going to work on a game if so let me know I want to join 
>whenever I can.  .
>Robert Florio
>Contest web site.
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>hi all,
>not to steal retroremake's thunder but a company i've been working 
>with wants to sponsor a game accessibility contest. my friend didn't 
>know about the retroremakes competition going on at the same time 
>but i think that there's enough differences that it will be ok and 
>donationcoder will allow entries into both contests as long as the 
>one for donationcoder is a slightly different version or even more 
>into accessibility than retro. BUT i think it's VERY exciting to see 
>not one but TWO competitions for game accessibility!
>anyway, the working page is at 
>http://www.donationcoder.com/Contests/agame/ and i'd love some 
>feedback. barrie has already provided some and the changes are being 
>worked on now (more web links, more clear explanations about switch 
>games, etc).
>there will be a lot of prizes that are being finalized next week -- 
>$5k is up there as the amount of money the prizes are currently at 
>but the last donationcoder competition (not a gaming comp) had $15k 
>in prizes. also i plan on inviting winners from retroremakes and 
>donationcoder to submit a case study on the creation of their game 
>to the SIG book as well as the possibility of talking about the 
>creation of the game at next year's GDC (provided we get accepted!).
>so fire away with suggestions -- and if you are at a company that 
>would like to donate copies of games, tshirts, swag, game consoles, 
>etc let me know at hinn at uiuc.edu
>thanks all!
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