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Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Wed May 24 02:40:02 EDT 2006

Great news, Reid. Did you e-mail this to www.DeafGamers.com  ?


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Hey all,

SiN: Episodes released by Ritual Entertainment (my previous employeer)
a couple weeks ago features closed captioning. Unfortunately, due to a
bug, it's actually missing some key dialog, but for the most part it
does have captions for sounds and dialog. So that makes it the 4th

Unfortunately, I'm sure 99% of the players won't know that. There's no
advertisement of this feature at all. I only mention that because I'm
trying to think of ways to spread the idea of CC more. It's not enough
for me to write about it over at http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/, my
site only gets a small number of people visiting it. But if games
start advertising that as a feature, more and more people will see it
and then eventually, it'll become expected and standard in games, I

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