[games_access] Freaks by Tod Browning (1932) - at Google Video

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Thu May 25 16:13:22 EDT 2006

Taken from the Ouch! blog:

"Have you heard of Freaks, the 1932 cult film directed by Tod Browning? It's 
all about circus sideshow performers - the 'freaks' of the title - such as 
conjoined twins, an hermaphrodite, short people, those with no arms or no 
limbs, to name but a few. The most memorable thing about the movie at the 
time it was released was that the characters were played by people who 
actually had those "deformities" (hey, that's the film's own description, 
not ours), rather than using costumes and make-up.

Those who have seen the movie never fail to have a strong opinion about it - 
whether they think it's a masterpiece of shock cinema, an important moment 
in the history of disability on film, or an outdated and hugely politically 
incorrect work that should be discarded to the dustbin of history.

Well, if you haven't seen Freaks, you've now got the chance to watch it 
online. The new Google Video service is offering it to view in its entirety. 
You can also read the complete script. Time to decide on this cult film for 
yourself. (Link via linkbunnies.org.)"


Fascinating from a historical perspective. Transcribed version here: 

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