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> Taken from the Ouch! blog:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ouch/200605/1930s_film_freaks_now_availabl.shtml
> "Have you heard of Freaks, the 1932 cult film directed by Tod Browning? 
> It's all about circus sideshow performers - the 'freaks' of the title - 
> such as conjoined twins, an hermaphrodite, short people, those with no 
> arms or no limbs, to name but a few. The most memorable thing about the 
> movie at the time it was released was that the characters were played by 
> people who actually had those "deformities" (hey, that's the film's own 
> description, not ours), rather than using costumes and make-up.
> Those who have seen the movie never fail to have a strong opinion about 
> it - whether they think it's a masterpiece of shock cinema, an important 
> moment in the history of disability on film, or an outdated and hugely 
> politically incorrect work that should be discarded to the dustbin of 
> history.
> Well, if you haven't seen Freaks, you've now got the chance to watch it 
> online. The new Google Video service is offering it to view in its 
> entirety. You can also read the complete script. Time to decide on this 
> cult film for yourself. (Link via linkbunnies.org.)"
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-39007875814698753
> Fascinating from a historical perspective. Transcribed version here: 
> http://www.paradiselost.org/freaks.html
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