[games_access] URGENT: WCAG2 and people with learning disabilities

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat May 27 16:34:24 EDT 2006

>Michelle said that:
>You might want to make an accessible website but who wants to read 
>through manuals of stuff that looks more like machine code than 
>*quote end*
>But you have to know that many professional webdesigners do. Do not 
>underestimate that, it is their field and they can even have a 
>financial benefit if they can design accessible websites and their 
>competitant can't. A cook should also be able to read a recipe and 
>cook for someone on a diet. Again, I agree that the documents take 
>effort to read. So I would personally prefer a simplified front end 
>version that is easy to read and explains the basics, etc. to 
>(quote) "...anyone trying make a simple webpage". *BUT* this in my 
>opinion should not be the only version, since a simpified version is 
>likely to leave room for interpretation.
>Honestly, based on my experience, I can't imagine that WCAG 2.0 does 
>not leave a single inch of interpretation. But I do think that it 
>narrows down the options.

Yeah, I understand that if it's someone's profession, then by all 
means they should know the guidelines. But I was talking about the 
novice designer -- someone who just wants to make something simple 
like a page for their favorite hobby and isn't making money from it. 
There are a lot of people like this who might strongly believe in 
accessible websites and want to try...but they don't know where to 
start. So we agree basically -- there should be an easy way to make 
some cookies (like buying a mix) but that doesn't mean that we 
shouldn't have more advanced information for those who can and want 
to take things to the next level and make cookies from scratch.

Er...maybe I should have some lunch....too many food refs in this thread. ;)

Anyway, my point was simply that I don't want us to get to the point 
where we don't have a "top ways to start out with game accessibility" 
but that we have to make it clear that our "get started" document 
emphasizes the understanding that JUST doing the "top ways" is better 
than not doing anything at all but that they *are* just the first 
steps and that if you really want to get serious then here are the 


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