[games_access] from giannis

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed May 31 10:58:38 EDT 2006

well, i spoke too soon -- giannis' emails are not get through again 
-- maybe it's the different address this time? jgeorgal at csd.uoc.gr?

so forwarded is giannis' email that i caught getting bounced!


>On Tuesday 30 May 2006 12:53, hinn at uiuc.edu wrote:
>>  wow!!! giannis your emails are now getting through!!!
>Yeah ! Finally ! (I just changed my SMTP server. Probably the list didn't like
>its headers).
>>  i agree about sharing the time slot with barrie and i'm
>>  waiting on the final breakdown of time allotments from the
>>  conference people. that will give us an idea of what to put
>>  where in the schedule.
>Ok. Thanks Michelle!
>>  go ahead and plan on an hour since there's the two of you and
>>  you have so much to discuss. we might take some of your talk
>>  and re-route it to a 20-30 minute "state of research in game
>>  accessibility" panel. not sure about that yet.
>1 hour is fine, I think. Do you agree Barrie ?
>>  also the accessibility arcade will replace the roundtables --
>>  instead people will rotate to different arcade "stations" to
>>  make sure they get their hand's on (or off as the case may be)
>>  time with the games.
>Yeah, I think that's better because most people were a little reluctant at
>coming over by them-selves and trying games.
>Anyway ... The best part is that there'll be more pictures of Michelle tying
>up innocent people :-).

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