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All press is good in my book. Nice one.


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> Hi all,


> An article came out on GA in the Chicago Tribune today:


> http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-0704090175apr10,1,2080930.story


> (You might have to register to read it but registration is free -- let me

> know if you have trouble accessing it though and I'll send the text along)


> This was a short "teaser" piece and there are a few wacky little things in

> there (I'm *pretty* sure I didn't say THE ONLY games are pink and

> fuzzy...) and some things left out like all the URLs I sent. But the

> reporter wanted to get something in now to intro the issue so there wasn't

> much notice -- he's a very nice guy though and the GDC referred him to me

> so that was really cool of them.


> The reporter is going to do a much longer story this summer (with URLs and

> a more in depth story on things like [cc], GA.com, GarageGames, etc) and

> then will be following my class this fall as it takes Brenda and Chris

> (Brenda 2) ;) design for AIdol and makes it a reality. You may

> recall...this is the sex game. And, yes, I'm REALLY trying to make my

> university uncomfortable...and, btw...Hugh Hefner (also...Brenda helped

> develop the Playboy Mansion game) is alum from the University so don't

> think I'm not trying to tap into that.


> Eelke -- I'm pretty sure you have something going on with one of your

> classes this fall too with another game? If so, let me know more about it

> so I can have the Trib follow that too. And anyone else (Kevin! Richard!)

> who is teaching a class with a major project focused on GA! I'd really

> like this to be a full look into academia and GA -- it would be a much

> better story to show more broadly how the SIG members in academia are

> involving GA in their Game Design classes and beyond!


> Michelle

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> these are mediocre times and people are

> losing hope. it's hard for many people

> to believe that there are extraordinary

> things inside themselves, as well as

> others. i hope you can keep an open

> mind.

> -- "unbreakable"

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