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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
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This is an actual game I'm working on now. I got a really cool concept
going on and you can help during the game process. The letter below
explains the progress so far with the top-secret game.

All of the concepts that are being nominated by other people volunteering
are totally lame. I guess some people just might not be that familiar with
how games are supposed to be for multiple online play. Might be my personal
opinion but if you come in and check them out even look at the one that I
created Ultimate Spectrum Racers you'll see what I mean. So if you want to
be on a real team and join me create an accessible game voice our opinions
finally get a game made with the efforts here at the accessibility group
please join me. The letter is below from David Peary. I believe this
Monday, April 23 is the deadline I really need your support to vote for the
winner. You can nominate three on the correct forum in the first milestone
forum thread after logging in. Check it out it's really cool here's the
concept visual hook.


After you login here is the direct link to find the hook and the written
information about it why it is great for the target market. Male-female
ages 12 to 35. If you want to vote for a winner a cool concept that can be
fun for accessibility check it out.

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Below is the letter.

Top Secret is Rocking!

The Top Secret Project is underway, and it's starting to heat up. We've got
a dedicated group of artists, writers, thinkers, designers and visionaries
all contributing to create the first publicly designed, democratically
developed video game in history.

Our team just decided on the art style for the game, but there's a ton left
to do. If you're not already involved, what are you waiting for? Letting
everyone else have all the fun - and collect all the glory? We have plenty
of creative challenges left.

Right now the team is designing the Hooks for the game. you know the thing
that we will do that every other game designer will want to imitate? Look
here http://phpbb.acclaim.com/topsecret/viewtopic.php?t=3044. We're just
about to close the Hooks design task, but it's not too late for you to help
us pick the best Hooks out of the submissions we received. And we have TONS
more to do! It's definitely not too late to get started with the project.

Next, we will design vehicles for the game, tracks and much more. It's still
early. Come on and join us. Be part of this great project. Get creative and
get involved! It's fun!

Whether you want to be a professional game developer or you just love games.
think how cool it would be for your ideas to end up in a game played by
millions of people all over the world! So, roll up your sleeves and dive in.

David Perry

Director - Top Secret

P.S. If you haven't quite gotten started in the Top Secret Forums, or you
want answers to your questions, here's a great place to start:


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I am so strapped for time even to play video games. Going to school to
learn to make them I don't have time to play them. That's funny. That
doesn't sound right maybe I should be playing more. I play a lot from

I hope I get a chance to check this out thanks for letting us know.

Are you at all interested Richard and working on the top-secret game with me
it's about a year long process every day devotion thing but you could just
come in there and help me brainstorm about the accessibility of the design
and if that's all you have time for it to get a lot of support from everyone
here would really help.

They seem to be very open to the first milestone failed we had to redo it
and that concluded yesterday so now we are picking the concept to hook which
I did a concept art for check out the link if you friend of mine will make
it concept we also are working up to accessible controls but this is just a
hook the written part is not there, we completed it, but the visual I did
most except the two top right characters doing a stunt and octopus.

I should post here or might update on my progress also with top-secret soon.
It's been frustrating David Peary admitted on the first milestone failed
they didn't clarify do us what they were looking for so they redid it.

A Web link.





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(from AudioGames.net News)

"What are you doing hanging around here? Visit the Experimental Audio Games
Section (http://www.audiogames.net/playcenter/index_exp.php) and go play not
one, not two, not six but twelve new Experimental Audio Games developed by
29 Game Design students of the Utrecht School of the Arts! These audio games
are the result of an assignment within a Game Audio Design seminar. The
students are all looking forward to hear your feedback, so please tell them
what you think of their games in the Experimental Audio Games Forum

Have Fun!



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