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DJ Bono ladysekhmet.dj at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 15:46:31 EDT 2007

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven't really posted...been busy playing Resident Evil 4. Why
in the world didn't I play this before?!...it's awesome....minus the
script...not 100% deaf friendly. Luckily someone on GameFAQ did a Game
Script because his girlfriend was deaf. LOL!

Well...I thought of accessibility when I saw this.

It may look silly to majority of people and the butt of jokes on
GameSpot, but I think it's a niffy device for those who doesn't have arms,
or unable to use their arms for whatever reason. The only problem I have
is, it could cause more damage to the neck.

Secondly....I got a book for being the top student in my Game Design
class (with 3, 100% tests, how could I not be? :-D ), called, "Game Project
Management" by John Hight and Jeannie Novak...when I opened it, without
flipping through the pages, it opened to page 77, I swear, and our lovely,
Michelle Hinn was featured! That was pretty awesome!

Tell me, and forgive me for asking...what is Michelle's disability? Is
she deaf like me? That would totally rock my world to meet a deaf game
designer. :-D

T'care everyone and keep gaming!
DJ aka Lady Sekhmet
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