[games_access] College Choices...help?

DJ Bono ladysekhmet.dj at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 12:24:22 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

I need a bit of help. I would like to go to a college that offers
Bachelor's degree in Game Design/Media. My problem is...WHERE? As you can
see on this link, http://www.igda.org/breakingin/resource_schools.php, that
there's just way too many choices.
I wanted to contact the big companies, Atari, Nintendo, EA, etc, but
there's no "contact" info for people who I can talk to about getting
involved, and give me some help in choosing a good college.
Right now I go to a county college, and I'm not too happy with their
program as it's too easy, and most likely will NOT prepare me for anything,
hence why I need the change.
I am thinking about going to RIT again, but their program is fairly new.
Can anyone give me some help?
If there's a GOOD program available in NYC, that is a plus. Relocation is
not really a big problem for me. I just can't move until NEXT Aug.
Also, does anyone know of a good company based in NYC? I'm trying to see
if I can get my foot in the door...
I just feel a little lost here...

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