[games_access] Scene It? Xbox 360 more accessible controllers

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Wed Aug 8 02:54:08 EDT 2007

I read conflicting reports about the top round disk on these controllers. I can't imagine it being very easy to use as a D-pad, but I'll wait and see... Still - very nice to see something appear on the Xbox 360 which has so few controllers available if you don't use an XFPS360 Playstation controller adapter.


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I can't find the quote, but I read an interview and the MS rep did say they want more games to use the peripheral. We can be sure to see more games using it. I won't be surprised if it's up to developers to contact MS and say, "We want to make this game using that peripheral."

The big button at the top acts as a D-Pad as far as I know, rather than one big button.

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