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Yes, I agree, 3D brings accessibility in itself to certain groups,
for instance that is what Göran Langes talk at GDC 2007 was all
about. Kids who excel in 3D games but fail in school which is also
based on text just as the web. And not only kids by the way, Göran
has the same experience, he is 63 years old. So I certainly see a
place for web 3D (despite the fate of VRML).


21 aug 2007 kl. 20.24 skrev Eelke Folmer:

> There are other advantages to having a 3d environment where you can

> meet real life avatars, it is much more interactive than static

> webpages. You can interact with people. I see that as some sort of

> "accessibility" too. Compare it with writing letters to a friend,

> versus having him over. Or reading about the eiffel tower on the

> wikipedia versus seeing the eiffel tower in 3d and being able to

> climb it (especially if you IRL are in a wheelchair) (and still

> being able to learn about the eiffel tower by reading the

> billboards, providing the same information & interactivity as a

> static webpage).


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