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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Aug 22 09:30:41 EDT 2007

in this case, it's more of a matter of students
with some kinds of learning disabilities
excelling in 3d visual spaces far better than
students without those disabilities.

>yes; there are pedagogical theories of how kids

>learn geographically before they learn other

>things; e.g how to locate stuff in 3D space.




>22 aug 2007 kl. 14.00 skrev d. michelle hinn:


>>To follow up -- there's been some research on

>>3D and visual thinking that suggest that those

>>with certain types of cognitive disabilities

>>(dyslexia is one) may be MORE suited to a

>>higher level visual experience. So strong

>>visual experiences make more sense,

>>essentially, to "visual learners" like those

>>with certain types of learning disabilities. So

>>a game with a well designed and not necessarily

>>linear visual interface (free world exploration

>>for example -- the gamers feel more at ease

>>exploring than following any official "rules").

>>This perhaps also extends to those with autism

>>as well who often "think in pictures."


>>Yes, earlier in life this was my research area. :)




>>>Yes, I agree, 3D brings accessibility in

>>>itself to certain groups, for instance that is

>>>what Göran Langes talk at GDC 2007 was all

>>>about. Kids who excel in 3D games but fail in

>>>school which is also based on text just as the

>>>web. And not only kids by the way, Göran has

>>>the same experience, he is 63 years old. So I

>>>certainly see a place for web 3D (despite the

>>>fate of VRML).






>>>21 aug 2007 kl. 20.24 skrev Eelke Folmer:


>>>>There are other advantages to having a 3d

>>>>environment where you can meet real life

>>>>avatars, it is much more interactive than

>>>>static webpages. You can interact with

>>>>people. I see that as some sort of

>>>>"accessibility" too. Compare it with writing

>>>>letters to a friend, versus having him over.

>>>>Or reading about the eiffel tower on the

>>>>wikipedia versus seeing the eiffel tower in

>>>>3d and being able to climb it (especially if

>>>>you IRL are in a wheelchair) (and still being

>>>>able to learn about the eiffel tower by

>>>>reading the billboards, providing the same

>>>>information & interactivity as a static





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