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Outstanding! Can you make a capture of it (using Fraps for instance) and add
clues to what you are exactly doing with the button-presses? It is not fully
clear to me right now. I understand the shooting part, of course :) , but
how exactly are you controlling the navigation (you are, right?). Do you
work with automatic movement from point A to point B and then have some sort
of 'Wait And Rotate', where the function of the button changes from 'shoot'
to 'walk in the direction you are facing'? Or anything else? Really love to
know :):)

Good work, Eelke! Congrats!

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> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS5MvJIBgw0


> A small movie showing our one button version of halflife 2 deathmatch

> which nears completion.


> We wanted to submit this mod to the IGF http://www.igf.com/awards.html

> competition but we can't find the mod entry anymore (which was there a

> few weeks ago) so I don't hope they've cancelled that ;-(


> cheers Eelke



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