[games_access] Top 3 Top 3 and IGDA GASIG Awards Ceremony 2008

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Sun Dec 2 06:10:58 EST 2007

Feeling guilty - I've tweaked the IGDA GASIG blog to feature a "Blog Topics"
area - which will be expanded later. I liked the look of the awards area...
and thought - this is obvious, but... Why don't we start our own awards
ceremony? It would be a bit of fun - and not too much work to start with I

Why don't we start recognising the games that have got some good
accessibility features built in? We could keep nominations simple - and
awards being a nice e-mail from us to the winners - any other interested
press - and of course mention on our blog + site.


Best pointer based game (for head-tracker / eye-tracker / touch-screen
Best audio game.
Best one switch game.
Best use of closed captions / subtitling.
IGDA GASIG historical award (great games from the past).
IGDA GASIG special award.
IGDA GASIG best of 2008.


Anyway - I've also set-up a "Top 3 Accessibility Features" section for
particular game genres:

Pinball, Golf, Driving games covered at present. I'd appreciate people's
thoughts, and also on any suggestions of companies to contact once we have a
basic consensus. I realise there's lots of things not covered - this is not
the point - it's to try and get some of the simplest concepts with the
lowest potential overheads to the people making games (indies, home coders,
mainstream - anyone!).

This stuff stands on the shoulders of everyone's work so far - so please
don't think I'm claiming this as my baby. It's not. It's ours - so help us
to make it useful... Perhaps we should get a standard e-mail drafted (with
further links for more help as it stands presently - e.g. Eelke's design
patterns - Game-Accessibility.com - our forum? our mailing list and so

Enough from me today I think...


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