[games_access] Top 3 Top 3 and IGDA GASIG Awards Ceremony 2008

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Dec 2 13:06:22 EST 2007

The awards is a great idea -- we can start it now without ceremony
but with a press release. For GDC 09...This is what I'm talking to
the head of CMP/GDC about -- adding in an accessibility award to the
big GDC awards show. I'm also trying to get one for the Develop
awards in the UK and the BAFTAs (I'm talking to them about this now).
But there's no reason NOT to have award recognition from the SIG
while I keep up the talks with the awards people for future
"official" awards from game award shows.

If we have press release content I can draft up the official
statement and then send it out to my contacts list -- one thing we I
did get from e for all is a contact list that is amazingly large
(thousands of press contacts) and then I've been collecting
disability group and government contacts on my own. So the press
machine is ready to go!


>Feeling guilty - I've tweaked the IGDA GASIG blog to feature a "Blog

>Topics" area - which will be expanded later. I liked the look of the

>awards area... and thought - this is obvious, but... Why don't we

>start our own awards ceremony? It would be a bit of fun - and not

>too much work to start with I recon.


>Why don't we start recognising the games that have got some good

>accessibility features built in? We could keep nominations simple -

>and awards being a nice e-mail from us to the winners - any other

>interested press - and of course mention on our blog + site.




>Best pointer based game (for head-tracker / eye-tracker /

>touch-screen gamers).

>Best audio game.

>Best one switch game.

>Best use of closed captions / subtitling.

>IGDA GASIG historical award (great games from the past).

>IGDA GASIG special award.

>IGDA GASIG best of 2008.




>Anyway - I've also set-up a "Top 3 Accessibility Features" section

>for particular game genres:



>Pinball, Golf, Driving games covered at present. I'd appreciate

>people's thoughts, and also on any suggestions of companies to

>contact once we have a basic consensus. I realise there's lots of

>things not covered - this is not the point - it's to try and get

>some of the simplest concepts with the lowest potential overheads to

>the people making games (indies, home coders, mainstream - anyone!).


>This stuff stands on the shoulders of everyone's work so far - so

>please don't think I'm claiming this as my baby. It's not. It's ours

>- so help us to make it useful... Perhaps we should get a standard

>e-mail drafted (with further links for more help as it stands

>presently - e.g. Eelke's design patterns - Game-Accessibility.com -

>our forum? our mailing list and so on....


>Enough from me today I think...







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