[games_access] Getting Federal government. On our side.

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
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Well, the reality is that it can take a VERY long time for a bill to
become a law...and even longer for something to become a bill! While
I think we should send something to the government I think the first
step is going to be sending something that makes them aware that this
is even an issue.

Then we probably need the help of a legislative attorney who knows
what specific constitutional laws are being violated and in what
instances. For instance, I'm pretty sure that there's no law that
requires that the music industry makes all CDs sold accessible to all
so a federal law mandating that video games are accessible to all
seems like that's probably pretty improbable. But what about video
game tournaments that exclude disabled gamers or a video game that's
marketed and used in schools (that, for sure, is a violation of US

I don't mean to be discouraging -- quite the opposite. We just have
to know what's possible and what is realistic and what can be done
soon and what is going to take a whole lot of persistence.


>Sounds great. I'm just not sure how to tie it in a broad? How would that

>work? I was suggesting that if it worked here it would become something

>marketable that other countries with one the same stamp of approval.


>My thoughts would be if it was made into some kind of legislation who makes

>up the ideas for ranking if it becomes accepted?


>I think the best thing is to put together the petition that I will

>definitely start writing. And then if we get any important representatives

>responding they can let us know what they think the best solution would be.


>Ultimately I think it should be something we can make money from instead of

>giving away all our ideas. So I'm sure there will be guidelines written up

>basic ones may be but then after that someone needs to regulate it.


>Kind of like what Hillary Clinton set up with the MSRP people. And as they

>might already have a branch or suggest a private branch which would be

>better. Maybe they would find it and give us a place to locate. One of the

>best persuasive points to put in the petition would be for the injured





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>I have all the US Senate/House/Governors email addresses so if you

>start it and others can help edit, I can send out a press release.


>We can start by raising the issue with the US government because I

>have those addresses but as Barrie suggested -- why limit this to

>just the US?


>I'm not sure how successful it will be but we haven't tried it and

>with the right tone it's worth a shot -- if anything it never hurts

>to remind the US government who often tries to outlaw gaming after

>this and that happens that games are important and not all bad. I'm

>always happy to contribute to that approach!




>>Robert, if you kick start it, and get it going - I'll support you

>>and so will others. Why not

>>start by building an on-line petition - I'm sure there's more than just me

>>here that would be happy to proof read it and add suggestions before

>>it goes live.


>>Take a look here:





>>I too don't know how successful this approach will be - but none of us will

>>know for sure unless it's tried.


>>At the very least, it can burble away in the background - building support

>>for us in numbers. Perhaps we could all point people in its direction if it

>>says things we are mostly happy with? I'd like it to be a bit more

>>international in scope, so I'd love to see an intro paragraph with links to

>>translated versions in other languages.


>>Go for it, Robert!



> >www.OneSwitch.org.uk


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>>>I'm actually proposing how many of us want to and can help to send letters

>>>to important people like senators, independent game developers, to get

>>>petitions signed, and send it to some senators to get some kind of

>>>nationwide talk on this and finally a regulated necessity standard?


>>>I think it's a very good and noble thing to do. Thinking of it in a way

>>>that it's an industry that has ignored and does not have any future plans

>>>for any big deals for accessibility for people. Especially in the United

>>>States is our Constitution write to have fair access to all forms of

>>>entertainment. To not allow people access to their product is



>>>Again this is something I have proposed before nobody said they wanted to

>>>work on it and I don't know why it seems like a great thing to do. Stand


>>>for our rights that's what the government is there to help us to


>>>in a billion-dollar industry making millions and millions but ignoring the

>>>rest seems wrong.





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