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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 4 18:49:27 EST 2007

I agree -- We haven't gone down the road of the politics at all yet
and I think if we approach it the right way that it would be well
received and maybe even result in awareness amongst gamers,
developers, and people who would be gamers but don't know that they
could be. So a more gentle petition to say "hey, we agree that games
are important and here's why adding accessibility is a good idea..."

There's no reason we can't send an informative brief to let
legislators know about game accessibility even in the US -- when
done, this is a GOOD thing about games. We send the good things about
game accessibility and games to start things out versus something
that is anti-industry, which we don't want to do at this point.

And, hey, maybe in 50 years there won't be a need for legislation
because there will be some incredible breakthrough that none of us
can even imagine yet! :)


>Robert (and others) - regarding the petition why don't you consider a

>compromise? I know in the UK you can quite easily go down the political path

>to get things to the government:




>What about starting a very simple petition - "We the undersigned want to see

>more accessibility features in games...." - with a bit of an explanation

>(But not too much) - and some translations into other languages.


>It would be nice to have something to take to developers, indies,

>home-coders to say lots do want this - it's not just us few people

>contacting you! And a few years down the line if we're still getting no

>where - but have everything in place that we can do - then maybe the

>political path is the way to go.


>Let's face it - in 50 years - accessibility in software will very likely be

>legislated for (and let's hope it will be so much easier to bring into

>being) - so Robert's not so far off the mark. It's just so.... slow....


>What do you think re. the gentle petition?







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