[games_access] GAIM 0.02 updated

Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Fri Dec 14 05:44:43 EST 2007

Hello Robert

Sorry for my late reply, I've recently updated my computer so I've
been unable to _read_ mail for a few days

the in-between is like this:

if you have a guideline saying that all you must provide audio cues to
visual information, it says nothing about how hard it is doing that in
practice, i.e with code, which is the dark horse in planning resources
(time and money) for a game. That's in my mind the biggest obstacle
for convincing publishers about implementing game accessibility.

With UML you can communicate many things about a system, one of them
are logic with a state diagram, another is the structure of a system
with a class diagram, a third are use cases and so on.

So with the UML based model I'm designing developers can see all the
necessary things to implement, without being langauge specific. I.e
UML can be applied to any programming language; in fact many UML
editors directly support Java, C/C++, Python and more.

Hope that helps

Kind regards

11 dec 2007 kl. 18.02 skrev Robert Florio:


> You might want to give an example of what this in-between stage it is

> because I'm confused. What else is there in between I think the

> actual act

> of doing it is the implementation I don't know what is in-between.

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