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John Bannick jbannick at 7128.com
Sun Dec 16 18:32:13 EST 2007


You may be on to something re the listserve.
Thomas sent something dated 15 Dec 03:24:25 EST that I have no record of
Also, I sent an email dated 16 Dec 12:58, subject 9+1 Key Points, and never
got a copy.
Once might be spam filtering or my fat fingers, but twice is indeed suspicious.

However, thanks eversomuch for pointing me at the archives.
Getting Thomas' 15 Dec post clears up my gap in the thread.

And thanks for pointing me at the archives.
I use the archives extensively over at Audyssey.

Now I can fish!


BTW The biggest benefit of the cooperative living thing is that when
members of our family have gotten sick and died, there's been a whole group
there to help them, and each other. I would never want to live atomically

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