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Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Mon Dec 17 15:29:37 EST 2007

yes, the thesis was based on two years of work with Terraformers so I
pretty much had most of it in my head :) So all I needed to do was to
describe the dev process from existing docs :) I agree, it was super
fast, and I don't expect GAIM to be as fast to finish, but I'm
dedicated on finishing it this spring

17 dec 2007 kl. 17.13 skrev d. michelle hinn:

> Thomas...a few days to write your other thesis??? Either you are the

> fastest researcher/writer ever or we have some major differences in

> what goes into a thesis. My master's thesis took a year (year two of

> a two year program where I was also still taking classes)...we won't

> go into my doctoral dissertation ;)


> :D


> Michelle (I mean no harm -- I'm just amazed at that turn around

> time! Was torture involved?)


>> Hello John


>> I'm going to bold and say my thesis won't take forever. (I wrote

>> another thesis, although smaller in just a few days).


>> I'm planning to contact you and others in the SIG: I just wanted to

>> start with models based on Terraformers which I already had, just

>> made some corrections. This is to give you all an idea of what GAIM

>> is aiming for


>> Great that you plan to do guidelines of your own, but if we can

>> cooperate it's even better. Perhaps agree on UML formats etc.

>> What's your e-mail adress so I can contact you off list?


>> My plan is to include all contributors in GAIM, right now there's a

>> placeholder tag in the main GAIM doc for contributors.


>> I've also created a Creative Commons License for GAIM, with

>> BY - Author credits, just to get sure people give some creds to the

>> contributors

>> NC - No commercial, unless asked for

>> SA - Share alike, so people can extend my work if they share alike

>> their work


>> Thanks

>> Thomas



>> 16 dec 2007 kl. 23.48 skrev John Bannick:


>>> It looks like Thomas' GAIM project and the associated discussion

>>> could eventually result is some sort of practical SIG guidelines.


>>> Since that could take awhile (my thesis took forever) I'm going to

>>> go ahead on my own and try to assemble a succinct and practical

>>> set of guidelines for our own company.


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