[games_access] Question concerning making force feedback accessible?

Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Tue Dec 18 09:02:17 EST 2007

I think at the current use of force feedback, which mostly is not very
detailed, I can't see a direct need for it, but as more advanced
haptics get into games with engines like HaptX and hardware like
Novint (I have both) the need will arise sooner or later; and if we
can be proactive about it, the better.


17 dec 2007 kl. 21.26 skrev AudioGames.net:

> Hi,


> I'm busy making a diagram of how to map one medium to another

> medium, for instance the path from auditory information to a text

> description of this auditory information in the form of a closed

> caption. I was enthousiastically drawing a path for adapting force-

> feedback information to other media like sound and visuals when it

> dawned on me: does this information need to be adapted to other media?


> On one hand I'd say yes, if it communicates important information

> which is not communicated by the game through other means and thus

> not available when force feedback cannot be perceived (for instance

> because the player uses output hardware that do not support force

> feedback). But I was thinking of examples of this and couldn't think

> of any. Does anyone have an example of where force feedback is used

> to communicate important information that is not communicated via

> other means (like sound or visuals) by the game?


> Also: do you think it is important to consider making force feedback

> information accessible by adapting it to different media, even

> though it might not be used much? Or would you simply say to game

> designers: "Do not communicate important information through force

> feedback ONLY, but also add an alternative"?


> Greets,


> Richard

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