[games_access] The Wii and Next SIG Meeting?

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Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Wednesday January 10th, 12pm New York time with conversions:

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> This is true -- while it could be amazing for some it's also a big

> disaster for others. I do have a Wii now actually and it does come

> with "classic controllers" -- actually it doesn't come with it...you

> buy those extra. I'm waiting for mine to arrive to see how they allow

> you to play the Wii games. With an accessible controller...it might

> be able to work with systems like Robert uses. But I don't know this

> yet and I have been so busy with the GDC stuff that my head's

> spinning so I haven't yet looked that up.


> So that the list's been so quiet lately gang -- the deadline for

> final info for the GDC program is the 15th and I'm trying to get

> together everything possible. So if you are one of my GDC

> people...you'll probably be getting a few emails from me shortly!!


> On that note...how is this Wednesday (Jan 10) at around noon New

> York Time (sorry...don't have that clock thing handy that Barrie

> always has to remind me about...Barrie? remind me? ;) for a meeting

> to talk about GDC issues and start making the plan for how this is

> all going to work. We've got FIVE sessions...woooooooo!!!!


> Michelle


>>As far as this list is concerned there hasn't been much discussion

>>about how the Wii can be made more accessible. I don't know if anyone

>>of us has a Wii and has spent a lot of time with it. Robert, who is a

>>quadriplegic unfortunately can't use the Wii. However, I think maybe

>>making a head worn Wii compatible motion sensing device could help

>>make the Wii more accessible to people such as Robert.


>>I agree that it probably has better applications in rehabilitation

>>right now. Apparently, it can take both small and large movements. A

>>therapist can change the sensitivity at first to accept small

>>movements and as the player improves, the therapist changes the

>>sensitivity to require more extreme motions.




>>On 1/7/07, lynnvm at carolina.rr.com <lynnvm at carolina.rr.com> wrote:





>>> Happy New Year!




>>> Sorry for not interacting much on this listserv lately. I was very

>>> busy

>>> with work, school, and travel.


>>> (For those of you who don't know me, I'm Lynn Marentette. I live in

>>> Charlotte, N.C. I'm a female school psychologist who has been taking

>>> computer classes for the past few years part-time, including some game

>>> classes, programming, VR, and educational technology. I've worked with

>>> students with a range of disabilities. Currently I work in a special

>>> program for students who have multiple or severe disabilities,

>>> including CP

>>> and autism.)




>>> AI


>>> I recently finished a class last semester -"Artificial Intelligence for

>>> Interactive Game Development". Although the class was often a bit over

>>> my

>>> head, I learned so much! I believe that AI techniques have potential

>>> for

>>> facilitating accessibility in games. I'd like to know if anyone is

>>> doing

>>> work or research in this area. I know AI techniques are used in

>>> educational

>>> games to adapt to learner progress, but I couldn't find much

>>> information

>>> about accessibility.


>>> If I won the lottery, the first thing that I would do would be to hire

>>> some

>>> of the computer programming whizzes from my class to work on this

>>> aspect of

>>> game development.




>>> Wii


>>> I bought a Wii with my 23 year-old daughter for Christmas and I love

>>> it!


>>> Since I haven't read many of the Games Access posts lately, I am not

>>> sure

>>> if there was a discussion about the Wii and accessibility. After

>>> playing

>>> with the Wii for a while, I started to think that it has many

>>> possibilities

>>> for accessibility as well as rehabilitation. Does Nintendo have anyone

>>> that

>>> is responsible for accessibility?


>>> I did read about the guy who programmed his Wii remote controller to

>>> control

>>> his Roomba vacuum cleaner. (I think there is a video clip on YouTube)


>>> That got me thinking about some possibilities. At any rate, I'd like to

>>> find

>>> out more about what is going on with the Wii and accessibility and how

>>> the

>>> controllers can be modified.

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