[games_access] GameTrak Fusion made more accessible - e-mail fromCEO Elliott Myers

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Tue Jan 9 18:16:33 EST 2007

Does this wonderful person Elliott need to follow up with us so that they
know they're on the right track at least hopefully they will? It's one
thing to say they're going to adjust sensitivity but they really know how to
fly that and willing to explore what we probably don't have a clue about
with prototyping something I really wish us as a group have more control
over helping people to do. Someday I think our group should work on a game.

What exactly is the system called it never heard of it if you get a chance
and use of the spilling to see what it looks like or does? Thanks so much
for sharing. This really the only response I've ever seen that someone on a
console or videogame company not related to the subject or have personal
interest like we do would actually help.


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Just received this encouraging e-mail from Elliott Myers of in2games, who
have a rival system to the Wii-mote that looks very promising...

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> Dear Barrie,


> Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, I am on the road right now so don't

> have long to respond.


> I am also personally very interested in helping less fortunate gamers who

> perhaps are not able to enjoy their video games as much as others.

> Obviously there are different people with different problems, so one can

> never solve everything, but if we can help, we will!


> The market for making games is so competitive, each company needs to think

> commercially when it comes to making any game development decisions. As

> you correctly point out, small improvements such as allowing sensitivities

> to be tweaked is absolutely possible and we will bear this in mind with

> all our future releases.


> Thanks again with your interest.


> Regards,


> Elliott





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