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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 12 00:50:03 EST 2007

Hi Amit!

So great to hear from you again -- what's the latest on the chapter
you are working on? Can you remind us where the forums are? I'm
afraid we've all been buried by the holidays, GDC prep, etc!

This Open Captions sounds interesting -- Reid? I'd be interested in
your take on this. Actually...I have miles of dissertation video I
should YouTube...I'll try it out!


>My friend and colleague from NYU John Schimmel (schimmel at nyu.edu) has just

>released his new project- http://www.opencaptions.com/. His mission -

>collaborative captioning of video on the web! This is one of the best

>projects I've seen in a while. In his own words:




>So I've been working on a project called Open Captions since Oct. (I program

>really slow), and it's a web site that allows you to add captions/subtitles

>to videos that already exist on the Internet - "Let the masses caption

>videos for their friends and relatives because we don't want the Internet to

>forget anyone" type of website.

>It currently works with any Google video, YouTube video or Quicktime

>URL. I have a good working version online now, excluding Internet

>Explorer users, you can see it here, http://www.opencaptions.com/ video .


>I would like to get some people using it, teachers, video bloggers,

>diplomats, etc. As well as deaf people and those who are multilingual. If

>you have any friends who might be interested please pass the website on to

>them. And feel free to give it a try yourself.


>Some quickies about the site,

>* A forum and blog are going up shortly.

>* Caption translation / mechanical turk like feature is in the works to

>turn existing transcriptions into subtitles.

>* Yeah, the interface needs a makeover. Ideas?

>* IE browser is a pain in the arse.

>* Captioning is tedious and takes about 3 times longer than the video

>itself. Don't try to caption a Noam Chomsky video, you'll get hurt.


>Stay warm.








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