[games_access] Audio Game Maker Update (includes first audio impression)

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Mon Jan 15 13:26:35 EST 2007

Hi Folks!

Development on Audio Game Maker is still going on. Due to time constraints we fear that we will have very little to no time available for extensive testing. We would therefore like to call the release on February 1st 2007 a béta-release. This means that Audio Game Maker is still released Februari 1st but it may still contain some bugs and may not feature some specific functionalities. We will keep you updated!

On a slightly more positive note, click the following link to download an mp3 preview of what Audio Game Maker will approximately sound like:


In this preview you will first hear how a new world is selected and how a new player object is added to this world. After that you will hear how a property (in this case the y-property of the player) is set to 1. You will then hear a Portal Object being built at some distance from the Player Object (the Builder moves away from the Player Object). The Audio Environment is then temporarily exited to create a new World. In the World Settings Menu the acoustics of this second world is then set to "cathedral". Then you will hear how the Worldsound and the Moodsound for this world is set. After that a new player and another portal are added to the second world (you will then hear the builder turn 360 degrees in front of the player object). Then we return to the first world and set the properties of Portal 1 so that it links to the portal in world 2.

Please note that this is only a preview to give you a first impression of Audio Game Maker. Many sounds are still missing and this is *not* the final soundmix.




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