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Eelke Folmer eelke.folmer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 14:54:05 EST 2007

Hi this old mail of mine was still stuck in my mailbox or rejected
since my gmail adress was rejected on the mailinglist.
Unfortunately I can't come on the third. One of my friends (Peter
Stock) from canada who got nominated for two categories of the IGF
competition http://www.igf.com/2007finalistswinners.html with his game
armadillorun (I did all the usability testing Yay) will fly to reno on
the friday before that and we are gonna do some skiing in lake tahoe
and then drive to SF on sunday or monday, I'll share a hotel room with
him to keep costs low, he's an indie game developer living on a small
budget himself. I have to fund this trip myself since I ran out of
research money prematurely. ;-(

No final date has been set for the accessibility idol has there? I
checked the webpage but there is no date set. Would it be an idea to
forward the IGDA meeting during the week? Or I guess the weekend one
is going to be used to prepare people for the accessibility idol ? I'd
like to discuss working on a research proposal with people that are
interested during that week.

I'll be bringing a computer with my adaptive assistance Halflife 2 mod
(too bad gears of war is not open source ;-(

Some other issues:

Motion sickness discussion: I get motion sick when playing katamari
too ;-( so its not only FPS unfortunately. I was at the desert
research institute (DRI) the other day and I tried out their new cave.
I'm setting up collaborations with researchers there in serious games.
They had some awesome 3d games which makes even Wii sports look old. A
couple of researchers there told me that the NSF director who they
know, told them that they would welcome propsosals that research
motions sickness & virtual reality. A lot of VR systems are hard to
use since it makes people sick. I flied around in a game where I had
to shoot some cones (which was incredibly fun & realistic) it also
used some sort of wii mote. But i got sick after 4 minutes of playing.
I might work together with them on that and see how it affects gameing

Patterns. (Not related to games) I have been talking to some people
from the Yahoo pattern library (http://developer.yahoo.com) and they
have expressed interest in describing web accessibility requirements
using interaction design patterns.

Cheers Eelke

Eelke Folmer Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering/171
University of Nevada Reno, Nevada 89557
Game Quality usability|accessibility.eelke.com

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