[games_access] Building Accessibility foundation burned to the ground (was: BBC develops accessible educational games)

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For those who haven't heard, last night the building that houses the
Accessibility foundation (which is part of the Bartimeus foundation) burned
to the ground, see:

(in Dutch, but click link "video" to watch a video of the fire)
http://www.rtvutrecht.nl/data/fotoboek.php?id=142219 (click "volgende" to
watch pictures)
(more pics)
http://www.accessibility.nl/brand/index.php (even more pics, now after the

Luckily nobody got hurt. The timing is extremely bad, since Audio Game Maker
was supposed to be launched next tuesday. Although we have a complete backup
up to yesterday's work, our software/licenses are burnt as well (Macromedia
Director MX 2004 and Macromedia Studio MX 2004). This means that we simply
cannot publish Audio Game Maker since we need to purchase new copies. Next
to that, we have to set up a new office on Monday at a new location, which
means that there we can't work on Audio Game Maker full time.

We will keep you updated.



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Yeah...it might have been nice for a mention
about the SIG helping too but they also forgot
the gameaccessibility.com mention, which is the
real unit of Bartimeus (as I understand it at
least -- Richard can clear that up) that's doing
that and where it would have been appropriate to
mention the crossover the SIG and
gameaccessibility.com, which has done the main
advising. Oh well. It happens.


>BBC develops accessible educational games




>"The Jam team have received assistance on accessible gaming by the

>Bartiméus Accessibility Foundation"


>no less...




>Jonathan Chetwynd





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