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Hi Jonathan,

No worries -- I know how things go when you don't
get to see the preview of an article before it
goes to press. It's definitely not a big deal in
my book -- it happens. It's just too bad when it
does but the authors are so often dealing with
work count issues that sometimes they can't even
help but shorten things.

Agreed -- what happened to the accessibility
foundation is quite unbelievable -- it just
doesn't seem fair when things like this happen.

Also, if there's a demo or ppt that we can show
at GDC of the jam stuff, even if we can't make it
fully available, to show what you're doing,
please let me know and we can include it in the
accessibility arcade session.


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>Hi everyone,


>Hope you're all doing well - sorry that I'm not

>able to contribute to your emails too oftenŠ


>And sorry that there was no mention of the SIG

>or gamesaccessibility.com in the e-Access

>bulletin article. The reason is that I didn't

>see the article before it was published, so had

>no idea what was or wasn't in it. The article

>was taken from quotes from a demo I gave in

>London, so they were chosen by the journalist,

>not myself. There were quite a lot of things in

>the article that I'd have changed or corrected,

>if given the chance. It's a pity I didn't get

>that chance before publicationŠ


>And, Richard, Sander - I'm gutted to hear about

>the fire at your offices. Especially as we had

>such a good meeting in them the day before. I

>don't know if there's anything we can do from

>England to help you sort things out other than

>to send our best wishes. But if we can help,

>please let me know.


>Rest assured everyone that I very much value

>every contribution that you've made to what

>we're trying to do at jam. The one part of

>e-Access bulletin's article which I liked most

>was them quoting me on how frustrating it is

>that we can't make our stuff available outside

>the UK at the moment. I'd love all of you guys

>outside the UK to have a chance to look at what

>we've been able to do so far, so if ever you're

>in the UK, give me a call and I'll give you a

>personal demo.


>My very best wishes




>Jonathan Hassell

>Accessibility Editor, BBC jam

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>Landline: 020 8752 4271. Mobile: 07919 343686.

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